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Large container port on Crete in planning?

The place Timbaki (Tympaki) in the Messara bay came into the closer choice to the building of a new port.

Facts are:

At least are the year 2005 point except “China shipping group” now also Korean and Arab government agencies and private enterprises their interest as well as the Greek government a large container port to Crete to build. It is to concern a place of transshipment for up to 1.000.000 (1 million) containers. Some sources, like the Gr. Newspaper Patris, up to 10 millions in the discussion is Timbaki in the Messara bay. There are with Timbaki the Komos beach where an archaeological excavation place of the port of Festos is among other things, in addition there the Caretta Caretta turtles breeds, also therefore stands the beach under nature protection.

Becomes current according to press now on the part of the Greek government also with appropriate Korean government agencies and the united Arab emirates - special Dubai - spoken about a participation or even about the exclusive building. A memorandum of the Gr. Government and Korean prospective customer are still translated. There now more concrete information will be present at a rule-fair Petition worked the appropriate places to be handed over can.

This area belonged mostly the State of, it is a military airport is however rarely used there. Which environmental degradation (adio Caretta Caretta) with this project goes and whether and/or for the citizens is to be existed which positive development possibilities still to a large extent unknown. This side it is private and is interested beside the Kretaforum by further publication of press and reports about the happening locally to inform. Also over for (?) and against this project. Although the bay is very large would have such a project drastic changes into nature and the tourism as Source of income to the consequence. With the today's technology it is with difficulty conceivable a container port also only approximately the jobs will bring, as it in the existing infrastructure of agriculture and tourism destroys. This is shown by examples of other large ports.

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